About us

Who is EPAL ?

Global economic structural changes always pose new challenges for the logistics industry. In view of both the automation of material flows and globalisation of commodity flows, all means of transportation, such as the EPAL-pallet, must meet ever-increasing expectations. This in turn requires stricter quality controls. EPAL guarantees the highest quality standard for EPAL-pallets throughout the world.

EPAL (the European Pallet Association) was founded in 1991 to work with the European Railways to maintain a European-wide quality assurance and inspection standard for the EURO pallet.


1. Safer transport
Your goods arrive safely

2. Stable storage
Stable storage of your goods is guaranteed

3. Optimum operational safety
You work in a safer environment

4. Long term usage of pallets as a result of good quality of pallets

Be careful with Pallets Forgery!

We would like to attract your attention that not only selling false pallets but also delivery and exchange of such ones is a breach of regulations for using trademarks.


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